Technical FAQ: SRAM shifter durability

Are SRAM shift levers durable?

SRAM’s response to a letter from “King” in the September 9 column regarding a failed SRAM shifter.

Dear Lennard,

A reader had written you regarding a failure with a SRAM shift lever, we can understand his disappointment but we are glad he chose SRAM. He mentioned that he had been waiting for some time for his replacement part, he also inquired about how many levers a “handful” was that I had mentioned had failed.

No customer should ever be waiting a month, but he did fail to indicate that he was in the Philippines. International policies vary by region but in all cases our distributor partners make every effort to service the customer as soon as possible. It is a challenge to maintain the exact same standards for any company on a global scale. Regardless, the part is warranteed and he deserves to get a replacement in a reasonable amount of time.

Regarding his “handful” question, I spoke to our quality engineers and product manager, who confirmed that we have over 100,000 shift levers in the field at the time of this writing and confirmed a total of 46 had failed. We reacted to improve our internal shifter bracket mechanism after we saw only six fail.

We have had stock of new replacement shifters for many months and we will ship out the next day to any shop anywhere in the U.S., this has always been our policy. We ask our distributors internationally follow this policy as closely as possible.
Again, we do apologize for the failure and lost time on his bike.

-Michael Zellmann
, SRAM U.S. Road PR & Media Manager