Technical FAQ: Rear wheel slipping in the dropouts

How can I stop my rear wheel from slipping in the dropout?

Dear Lennard,
Any advice on keeping a rear wheel in a drop out? My drive side pulls out occasionally when I torque hard or pull out from a standing stop. I’ve noticed the problem is worse with titanium and chromed frames that I’ve owned.

I’ve tried cranking down hard on the quick-release lever, making sure the nut on the drive side is very tight, and using different makes of quick-release levers. All seem to be temporary solutions at best.

It also seems to be a problem with different makes of wheels, Campy (which I run most), Shimano, Mavic, etc.

Dear Rick,
The best solution I have is to get some of these DT Swiss skewers. They allow you to crank down harder on the dropout than most quick releases.