Technical FAQ: Re-gluing tubulars

Should I re-glue my tubulars annually?

Dear Lennard,

Do you have an opinion on whether one should re-glue tubulars annually? I glued my racing tubulars to their rims last year and the glue job still seems strong, but I’m worried about the risk of rolling a tire due to an old glue job. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Dear Mark,
Yours is an interesting question and I decided to pose it to Donn Kellogg, the president of Challenge USA, located just down the road from me in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Answer from Donn Kellogg:

It would be our recommendation to re-glue tubulars tires on an annual basis, as the following points should be considered:

If the rider is located in a mountainous region and is racing full time, the tires should be re-glued at least on an annual basis. The heat generated from the brake pad on the rim can evaporate the glue over time.

It is always a good practice to do a thorough maintenance check of the bicycle at the start of a new season. This is the best time to re-glue tires.

Care should be given when removing the tire from the rim, so the base tape of the tubular tire stays on the tire.
-Donn Kellogg