Technical FAQ: Noisy Mavic wheel

Why are my Mavic wheels noisy?

Dear Lennard,
I own a set of Mavic SL wheels with about 4000 miles on them. Today for the first time when I was riding over train tracks, just when I got over them, I heard this loud screeching noise coming from the wheels while I was gliding. I stopped thinking I had a flat. When I started again it was fine.

Until about 20 minutes later I was traveling down a hill and when I applied the brakes, same thing. It sounds like a bearing to me but when I spin the wheels up on the stand they seem fine. How will I knowif I have a bearing problem? They are cartridge bearings by the way.

Dear David,
It sounds like your bearings are shot. They just don’t squeal whenthey’re not under load. They are easy to pop out. Push the new ones inwith the old ones tapping on them with a wooden or rubber mallet.