Technical FAQ: Trek Madone seatcap setback

Can I get a Trek Madone seatcap with more setback?

Can <em>you</em> buy that seatcap?

Can you buy that seatcap?


Dear Lennard,

On the cover of a recent VeloNews, it appears that Taylor Phinney is riding a Madone seatcap not offered by Trek. The seatcap has a bulge and more setback than models currently available. Any insider info on the post? Will it be offered to the general public? I ask, because of my weird body shape I need more setback than the current 10mm.

Answer from Trek

We have made a few 30mm offset caps for athletes, but will not be offering to public at this time. Standard options are 10mm forward, 5mm and 20mm back.

Tyler Pilger

Trek Bicycles