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Zwift updates reported to exclude older operating systems, hardware

Users with unsupported operating systems will need to update their devices if they want to continue Zwifting.

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Zwift announced a slew of updates in late October, which included the since-launched updates Makuri Islands, and the phased rollout of updates to the home screen and device pairing screens beginning as soon as this week.

As part of the process for improving users’ experience, Zwift will stop supporting older devices and operating systems, according to Zwift Insider.

The deprecated OS’s include Windows 7 and Windows 8 (and 8.1), MacOS 10.11 and older, iOS 11 and older, and Android 6 and older.

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“Affected Zwifters currently using these operating systems will begin to see messaging in-game, and should also receive notification via email,” Zwift said in a statement.

Zwift Insider also noted the end dates for support of these operating systems, which explains why Zwift will no longer support them; the respective software and hardware manufacturers no longer support these older OS’s.

Windows 7 – support ended January 2020
Windows 8 – support ended January 2016
Windows 8.1 – support ended January 2018
MacOSX 10.11 – support ended October 2019
iOS 11 – support ended September 2018 (when iOS 12 was released)
Android 6 – support ended October 2016 (when Android 7 was released)

The updates to Zwift that will improve the game and omit older operating systems may begin during the week of December 12. Once Zwift rolls out an update, users attempting to run the game on any of the operating systems listed above will no longer be able to use Zwift.

VeloNews does not currently have access to these older platforms, and cannot confirm if they will allow Zwift to be used on them.

Zwift has also removed support for the Apple Watch, and also pulled the app from the Apple store.

“Apple Watch owners: We are aware that this experience needs upgrades and we are working on a longer-term vision for support. In the meantime, the Zwift Game and Companion apps will be removed from the Watch App Store,” Zwift noted.

This means that current users of the Apple Watch app for Zwift and Zwift companion will no longer be able to update the installed app, and new users will not be able to install the app on their Apple watch.