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Week in Tech: Oktoberfest socks; new Mavic wheel; Specialized for Bellas

New socks for beer lovers, a bike for Little Bellas, lifetime carbon fiber warranties, and Mavic tubeless wheels.

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Socks for beer lovers

Oktoberfest is upon us and Swiftwick has introduced a new line of socks with beer lovers in mind. The series has four versions, each celebrating a different beer. Sadly, beer does not come included with the socks, so you do not have to be 21+ to get them. They retail for $20 and include a matching koozie.


Mavic introduces ‘do-it-all’ wheel

Mavic launched the Comete Pro Carbon SL UST and claims its new tubeless technology will save you 15 percent in rolling resistance at an equal pressure compared to the old version. The 64-millimeter-deep wheel comes in both rim brake and disc brake versions. The rim brake wheelset weighs 1,490 grams and costs $1,800, and the disc brake version is a hundred dollars more. Mavic has integrated the new tubeless technology into its more cost-effective Ksyrium line; the rim brake wheelset costs just under $1,000.


Purify on the go

GoPurePod claims it has a purification solution that ensures the water from that roadside spigot is potable every time. The company released a miniature purifier that fits inside your water bottle or hydration pack reservoir. The purifier, which is about the size of a wine cork, helps balance the pH of your water and gets rid of hazards such as e.coli and chlorine, according to GoPurePod. The pod retails for $25 and the company says it lasts up to six months.


Specialized makes a ride for young girls

Specialized has partnered with Little Bellas to launch a special version of their Women’s Pitch. The bike comes in a special extra small version made for girls under 5-foot-2. Little Bellas is a mountain bike organization geared toward mentoring young girls and getting them out on bikes. The bike includes a sticker kit, so each rider can make it her own. The bike retails $450 and a portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to Little Bellas.


Atomik announces lifetime limited warranty

Atomik Carbon announced a limited lifetime warranty covering its carbon fiber rims and handlebars for the original owner from date of purchase. The warranty is invalid if purchased from a third-party website. The company will only honor the warranty if the rim or handlebar is purchased from a registered dealer or directly from Atomik. The crash replacement policy also gets an extension for the life of the product, and Atomik expanded the service to include nipples, spokes, and rebuild labor for a small fee.


RPM gives you a discount for being popular

Apparel company RPM Cycling now has a social media program, which gives teams discounts for the number of followers on that team’s various social media networks. This discount starts at 10 percent for 0-1000 follows and tops out at a 30 percent discount for over 5,000 follows.  Specific results of RPM teams would also be shared on the RPM’s social networks and various web pages.

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