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Week in Tech: High-dollar gravel bike, fat bike tires, Strava hour record

This week's roundup of tech news includes a pricy gravel bike, fat bike tires, and a sweet backpack.

Here’s the Week in Tech — all the gear news, tips, and announcements you need and none of the marketing gibberish you don’t.

Argonaut tests just how much you love gravel bikes

Photo: Argonaut Cycles

Small batch carbon frame maker Argonaut Bicycles has updated its gravel offering with the GR2 gravel racer. As the name implies, the GR2 features race-ready touches that include an aggressive gravel geometry and a feathery overall weight of 16 pounds. It’s hand-built in Bend, Oregon. The frame fits up to a 38mm tire and is custom-built to your specifications, so you get exactly the geometry and features you want. It’s available as a frameset or a complete build. Notably, the bike features a T47 bottom bracket; Argonaut was perhaps the earliest adopter of this oversized threaded bottom bracket system. The GR2 looks snazzy too, but it comes at a super-steep price: $6,500 for the frameset and up to $13,000 for a complete build.

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Black Line Sprinting expands its line with VeloRacing Backpack

Photo: Black Line Sprinting

Back in June we reviewed Black Line Sprinting’s VeloRacing Bag, an awesome gear stowage that comes with a daunting price tag. The South African company now has a far less expensive offering in the VeloRacing Backpack. It’s based on the same organization concepts as the larger VeloRacing Bag, but instead comes in backpack form with a smaller overall footprint and a far more approachable $100 price tag. That includes free shipping when you order online through the Black Line Sprinting website. The bag itself features ventilated compartments for your helmet, shoes, and kit, and it’s constructed from water-resistant, ripstop material.


HVMN wants to see if you can break the hour record… on Strava

Photo: HVMN

HVMN makes Ketone Ester, a performance enhancer that pro cyclist Vittoria Bussi will use in her attempt to break the hour record. The company is teaming up with Strava to get you in on the action, too. You can sign up for the challenge on HVMN’s website; it runs from September 6-12. During that time, you can complete various tasks, like riding for one hour, riding 47.98 kilometers in one session, and riding 10 hours. For each task, you’ll be entered to win various prizes. Bussi will make her attempt on September 12th.

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45NRTH continues the fat tradition in 27.5

Photo: 45NRTH

45NRTH is launching its popular Vanhelga and Dillinger tires in 27.5-inch versions. The tires were previously only available as 26-inch tires, but with the evolution of wheel sizes, it was time to adapt. With winter right around the corner (ugh!), you can choose from the all-terrain Vanhelga that’s appropriate for dirt, snow, and anything else you ride in all winter. When conditions get really nasty, pick up the studded Dillinger tires to maintain traction in icy conditions.

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