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Week in Tech: ‘Doping’ with 37.5 kits; Mavic TDF gear; new Bolle sunglasses

Here’s the Week in Tech — all the gear news, tips, and announcements you need and none of the marketing gibberish you don’t.

Here’s the Week in Tech — all the gear news, tips, and announcements you need and none of the marketing gibberish you don’t.

37.5 says fabric improves performance at threshold

Just in time for the Tour de France, fabric manufacturer 37.5 launched an attention-getting — and perhaps controversial — “Dope With This” campaign, promoting a new kit it says significantly increases performance … like doping (get it?). Whether or not the doping campaign offends, there is some science behind this fabric.

Working with the University of Colorado at Boulder, 37.5 conducted a test with 14 elite athletes wearing three different jerseys: A conventional polyester jersey, a cooling jacket circulating 4ºC water, and 37.5’s “doping” jersey. The subjects rode 60 minutes at lactate threshold and their body temperature was continuously monitored with a rectal thermometer (ew).

If a rider couldn’t maintain threshold, he or she was stopped. Among those non-finishers, 37.5 says subjects wearing its fabric lasted 26 percent longer than those with conventional jerseys.

For all subjects, 37.5 says its fabric kept riders cooler for longer — a 28 percent increase in average time to maximum body temperature compared to the control jersey. The cooling jacket performed best in this measurement, as it did in all the tests.

Finally, 37.5 says subjects had a lower build-up in core temperature in its fabric: 1.52ºC versus 1.66ºC with a conventional jersey.

More about 37.5’s “doping kit” >>

Mavic’s stylish Tour gear for Bardet

Mavic’s has a limited edition Comete Ulitmate shoe for Romain Bardet at the Tour.

To celebrate its country’s big race, Mavic has rolled out some limited edition Tour de France gear for Ag2r La Mondiale leader Romain Bardet to sport in the Grande Boucle. He’ll have a pair of the Comete Ultimate shoes with special graphics. Yep, those are the $1,000 shoes that have a carbon shell and removable liner, sort of like a ski boot.

Mavic’s limited edition Tour de France graphics add some interest to the carbon fiber rims.

Bardet will also have Cosmic Ultimate Tubular wheels with the same special graphics. Although the rims are 40mm deep, the wheels are impressively light at 1,250g, which should satisfy the spindly French climber. If you don’t want tubulars, or if the $3,749 price is too steep for you, Mavic also is offering the Cosmic Pro Carbon UST in limited edition Tour de France livery. These tubeless wheels weigh in at 1,650g and will cost $1,800.

Ag2r La Mondiale wearing new Bolle Shifter at Tour

Ag2r is wearing Bolle’s new Shifter sunglasses at the Tour.

Speaking of Bardet’s team, the French outfit is wearing new Bolle sunglasses at this Tour the France. The Shifter will be released in September. It features frontal vents to reduce fogging, hydrophobic lens treatment, and the option to have corrective lenses in the futuristic-looking frames. The sunglasses will be priced at $89-149, depending on lenses.


Eurobike’s weird, wonderful and wut?

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