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Strava adds place names to posts

City or area and country added to timeline for all activities.

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Where is she riding today? Was that a virtual ride he did, or is he really in France?

Strava today rolled out an update that posts the general location of each user’s activity so you don’t have to click on the map to figure it out.


This update applies to subscribers and all free users. Just update your app to see the results.

Strava said the rollout may take a few hours today to reach all users.

And of course, you can still click on the map to zoom in and see the activity’s location specifics. Similarly, if you take photos on your phone during a ride (and GPS location is enabled), they will still pop up on the desktop version of Strava on the map in the spot they were taken.

Now Strava tells you where your friends and people you follow are riding, skiing, walking, running, etc. Photo: Ben Delaney

Strava recently updated personal heatmaps for subscribers. This feature — available only on the desktop version — no longer requires users to specify a time period and wait for the service to build a heatmap.

A heatmap gives a one-look visual indication of everywhere you have logged activities. Heavily used routes are shown in thicker lines. Seldom used routes get thinner lines.

The personal heatmaps can now also be tailored by activity, so you can see just your rides, or just your runs, or whatever other activity you do.