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Rapha collaborates with Bang & Olufsen on indoor riding earbuds

The Beoplay E8 ear buds come with Rapha's signature aesthetics, but they also deliver a ton of sound and battery life.

Indoor riding keeps us fit during the winter, but it poses a few unique problems – most notably, how to keep yourself entertained without driving the rest of your family or roommates crazy. Rapha has collaborated with Bang & Olufsen on a set of wireless earbuds that allow you to turn it up nice and loud while you spin, without sharing it all with the rest of the household.

The new earbuds have an intimidating name: RAPHA + BANG & OLUFSEN BEOPLAY E8 SPORT EARPHONES. (Why are you shouting at me, Rapha??) And with that lengthy moniker comes a stout price tag: $350 for the pair. What exactly do you get for all that coin?

Like all things Rapha, the Beoplay E8 Sport Earphones combine high quality sound with high aesthetics. According to Rapha,  “Beoplay E8 Sport stands out by bringing world-class audio and design to a set of sports earphones housed within a wireless charging case.”

The Beoplay E8 ear buds feature anodized aluminum in Rapha’s signature pink on black. They feature passive noise-canceling, sweat-proofing, and touch controls on the units themselves. The ear tips and fins are interchangeable so you can really customize the fit, which will come in handy on the bike when your body sways. The Beoplay E8 ear buds should stay put while you sweat and sway.

Perhaps most notably, Rapha indicates that the Beoplay E8 ear buds feature best-in-class battery life: up to 7 hours at a moderate listening level. Rapha also says the silicone case provides three additional charges, which gives you almost 30 hours of play time.

While the specs of the Beoplay E8 ear buds are certainly attractive, the price tag makes its competitors look downright cheap by comparison. Of course, these Rapha ear buds are a limited release, and given Rapha’s consistency with exclusivity and aesthetics, the high price tag should come as no surprise. If you want to nab these buds for yourself, you can order them on Rapha’s website or on Bang & Olufsen’s website now.