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LG curved TV: Floor to ceiling Zwift?

The consumer tech giant plans to show off its massive curved display — with a stationary bike — at CES 2022.

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At the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, slated for January 5-8, in Las Vegas, LG, via a video, is expected to debut a massive curved-screen display.

The South Korean electronics giant will likely show off a curved-surface screen, which extends from the floor and bends overhead, reports Gizmodo.

How does one use a floor-to-ceiling, wraparound screen? By connecting a bike to it, and riding indoors.

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The immersive LG display is actually three 55-inch curved OLED panels arranged in an R-shaped configuration.

The bend in the top-most flat screen has a 500R curve, which means that the bend radius is 500mm (19.6 inches). LG claims this is the tightest radius for a large, curved display, available to the public.

The mockup created by LG appears to incorporate a Ciclotte stationary bike integrated with the massive video screen. The unusual-looking indoor-use-only cycle debuted in 2010 with a $10,000 price tag but failed to gain mass adoption.

So, when you’re in the jungle, in Watopia, and are about to ride beneath the sloth hanging from a vine, you might even be fooled into ducking your head.

“OLED displays provide unparalleled lifelike colors with their vivid picture quality to make you really feel like you are cycling outside in a forest or down the street of a European village,” boasted LG.