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FSA System HM 1.0 moves to production, ready for manufacturers by mid-September

The electric boost system is claimed to weigh slightly less than 4 kilograms, and is meant for integration with road, gravel, and commuter bikes.

The FSA System HM 1.0 motor system for e-bikes, which was unveiled at Eurobike last year, has hit a milestone: It’s ready for production.


In an announcement today, the Italian brand said that the FSA System HM 1.0 is entering the production phase, and should be ready to ship to bicycle manufacturers by September.

Davide Riva, FSA Europe OEM sales manager and product development said, “The new motor system represents the culmination of more than a decade of research and experience in the e-bike market, having worked as drivetrain partner with many established motor system providers, including Bosch, Brose, Fazua, Polini, and Yamaha. Likewise, we have supplied drivetrain components for e-bikes to brands including Bianchi, Focus, Pinarello, and Scott, among many others.”

The full system weighs just under 4 kilograms, according to FSA, and is meant for integration with road, gravel, and commuter bikes.

FSA HM System 1.0 is currently compatible with four wheel systems. Photo: Full Speed Ahead

The complete FSA System HM 1.0 kit — motor, batteries, and power management system — was developed by FSA in Italy, and is comprised of an electric-assist motor in the rear hub, a 250 watt-hour battery, an optional 250 watt-hour expansion battery, and an integrated control unit. The 20-cell, 250 watt-hour battery is hidden inside a bike’s down tube, while the auxiliary battery can be stowed in a bottle cage for longer rides. A mobile app for iOS or Android can be used to view system status, battery reserve, and perform diagnostics, which can be accessed remotely and directly by FSA support.

The FSA System HM 1.0 has five assistance settings, with a boost mode that can deliver up to 250w and 42nm of torque. An integrated torque sensor in the motor and two speed sensors adapt to riding conditions to provide assistance. Once the maximum boost of 32kph is achieved, the rider has to do all of the work, as the system will disengage until the bike drops below the maximum permitted boost speed.

At production time, four wheelsets can be paired with the FSA System HM 1.0: Vision Metron 40 SL Disc, Trimax 30 Disc, Team 30 Disc, and AGX gravel-specific wheelset. FSA has promised greater compatibility with additional wheel manufacturers in the near future.