Tech Podcast: The great Zinn sunglasses test!

Lennard Zinn joins tech editor Dan Cavallari to discuss the in-depth test Zinn performed on the most popular sunglasses for cyclists.

VeloNews’ resident tech guru, Lennard Zinn, recently rounded up a long list of the most popular sunglasses on the market today to test them for clarity. While conducting the test, Zinn came to a few conclusions about the importance of UV protection, the necessity (or lack thereof) of polarization, and what factors ultimately affect the clarity of a pair of sunglasses. You can read about the results of his sunglasses test on VeloNews now.

Zinn joins tech editor Dan Cavallari on this week’s episode of the VeloNews Tech Podcast to talk us through his reasons for wanting to do the test in the first place, as well as what he learned throughout the process. It turns out that an Oakley rep visited Zinn decades ago, and a test that Oakley representative conducted with Zinn got his curiosity piqued about today’s offerings.

On top of that, Zinn dissects the various terms we’re so used to hearing about sunglasses — most notably, UV protection and polarization. Do these things matter specifically to cyclists? Do we need them? Zinn breaks it down for us so we can understand what each of these things do and how they affect the usefulness of a pair of sunglasses specifically for cyclists.

Should a consumer be concerned with clarity when purchasing a new pair of sunglasses, or are there more important factors to consider above that? Zinn has the answer to that question and more, breaking through the jargon to arrive at the info you actually need before you plunk down your cash for some new specs.

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