Tech Podcast: Colorado Trail with Betsy, part 2!

Senior editor Betsy Welch took an 11-day excursion on the Colorado Trail. Find out what she brought, which of it was great, and what needed improvement.

A few episodes ago, senior editor Betsy Welch joined me on the Tech Podcast to talk about what gear she was thinking of using for her upcoming trip on the Colorado Trail. After 11 days out on the trail, through heat, rain, snow, and the most challenging and scenic terrain Colorado has to offer, Betsy rolled back into the office with a smile on her face and a story to tell.


In this episode of the VeloNews Tech Podcast, Betsy recounts the highs and lows of her time on the Colorado Trail, and gives us the rundown of what gear she was glad she brought, what she could have left at home, and how it all shook out through the changing weather conditions in the forests of Colorado.

Colorado Trail
Colorado’s not all pine trees and babbling brooks. There’s a lot of rugged, high-alpine terrain that necessitates some hiking.

If you’re thinking of doing the Colorado Trail yourself, Betsy says it’s important to remember the mantra about Colorado weather: If you don’t like it, just wait a few minutes. It’s possible to get snow in the middle of the summer (Betsy got snowed on in August), and in the same day get sunburn when the clouds break up. So remember to pack accordingly; never leave the puffy jacket at home when you have room for it.

Of course, Betsy packed very light for her trip; the more you bring, the more you have to carry. Find out what she brought for kit, cookwear, food, and even entertainment for evenings by the fire. And perhaps most importantly, find out what gear fared the best, and what pieces could use some improvement.

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