Tech Podcast: Bikepacking the Colorado Trail with Betsy!

Bikepacking the Colorado Trail takes a hearty soul — and a handpicked selection of gear. Betsy walks us through her choices.

One time I went for an overnight bikepacking trip and took way, way, way too much stuff.

Senior editor Betsy Welch is going on an adventure, and she will have to be far more selective with her gear than I was; otherwise, she’ll be in for a lot of backcountry agony.

She’ll be bikepacking the Colorado Trail, a journey notorious for devouring even the heartiest cyclists to attempt it. This rugged journey involves backcountry dangers, long hours in the saddle over varied terrain, and hike-a-bikes galore.

She joins technical editor Dan Cavallari to give us the rundown on what gear she’s bringing (not much), how long she’ll be out (a really long time), and where she will store everything she needs (bags, bags, bags) to get through the journey in one piece with a smile on her face.

Of course, part of the fun of such a journey is spending the days and weeks beforehand choosing the most appropriate bike, the best bags for your specific needs, and culling through the endless gear options to find the setup that will handle all of the tasks you’ll be tackling out on the trail without bogging you down with excess weight. Betsy’s taking a minimalist approach to ensure her setup is as light as possible, and she even has a few surprise gear choices (running shoes and flat pedals?).

Have you ever ridden the Colorado Trail? Betsy and Dan would love to hear about your experience, especially if you have sage advice to save Betsy some heartache (or other aches and pains). You can tell Betsy all about your experience, but do it soon because she hits the trail in just a few days!

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