Stages launches gravel GRX power meters

Left-only power meters now available for Shimano GRX, plus new options for XT and XTR.

Want a power meter on your new Shimano GRX gravel group? Stages Cycling has got you covered. The Colorado company just rolled out Shimano-crank-based power meters for both the new GRX group plus Shimano XT and XTR mountain groups.

Riders can buy left-only GRX meters, and right-only, left-only, and dual-sided meters for XT and XTR, beginning at $349 for GRX 810 L Power up to $1,199 for XTR LR Power.


In North America, riders can also send in their XT or XTR cranksets and have Stages install a left- or right-only meter for $299 or a dual-sided system for $549.

Stages power meters, now in their third generation design, add about 20 grams to each crank, and work on CR2032 batteries. The meters work on ANT+ and Bluetooth, and don’t require a magnet to be mounted to a rider’s frame, thanks to an integrated accelerometer.

Shimano has a dual-sided power meter, but only in the top end Dura-Ace road family. Shimano road marketing manager Nick Legan said a Shimano GRX power meter is not in the works.

SRAM has power meters for gravel by way of its Quarq options.

Stages Shimano XT
If you have a Shimano XT or XTR crankset, you can send it in to Stages for a left-, right- or dual-sided power meter installation.