Spengle 24-carat gold-leaf carbon wheelset

For those who can—and want to—afford them, the gold leaf carbon monocoque wheels are fully capable of being put on a bike and ridden.

Not only are most road bikes now designed with drag-reducing tube shapes, but even gravel bikes can now cheat the wind. And while ‘aero is everything’ is still a thing, maybe it needs a little punch-up, for 2020.

So, when the Austrian wheel manufacturer Spengle announced a 24 carat, hand-laid, gold-leaf, carbon monocoque tri-spoke wheelset, we took notice.

What could possibly be better than blinged-out speed?

Spengle is offering the limited production wheelsets for 10,000CHF ($10,225). Orders can be placed directly through the manufacturer’s web site. Spengle is offering free worldwide shipping for each wheelset purchased, and wheels are backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

We did not read anything on the Spengle web site indicating a crash-replacement policy.

Spengle gold and carbon monocoque tri-spoke wheel
At $10,225, the Spengle tri-spoke may not be for everyone…or anyone.   Photo: Courtesy Spengle

The Spengle Gold are tubeless, and the base-model—without the 24 carat gold leaf—weighs in at a claimed 1,950g/set.

The Spengle Gold will be on display at the London Bike Show and the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show, in Bristol, U.K., March 27-29 and May 1-3, respectively.

“The bicycle wheel represents a unique visual canvas—kinetic art in its most pure form. There’s something very compelling in mixing the traditional craftsmanship of hand-laid gold leaf with cutting edge materials science, and it has resulted in a visually stunning wheel,” says Pius Brauchart, Spengle CEO.

To put into perspective the cost of premium wheelsets: the German-made Lightweight Meilenstein Obermeyer Gold wheelset—which can be purchased in real life, if you just cannot win them at the top of the Alpe du Zwift—weights in at just 985g for a set, and will only set you back $8,320.