Spend smart on your garage gear

No matter your budget, here’s how to get the most bang for your buck when mapping out a bike garage.

The Basics

Kuat Rack Dock

Kuat Rack Dock $68
Don’t hang your rack precariously off a hook, or take up valuable floor space with it. The RackDock provides a stable and secure wall mounting option to hold your rack when it’s not in use. It makes the swap over to the car easy too. It holds up to a 4-bike rack.

Presta Cycle Prestaflator

Prestacycle Prestaflator $60
This garage must-have is ideal for seating tubeless tires, or for inflating your clinchers before a ride. The urethane elastomer head is soft and strong, and it gives a solid seal around your presta valves. Squeeze the lever lightly for a little bit of air, or hold it all the way down for a lot. Simple and indispensable.

Granite Designs Gear Stand

Granite Design Hex Stand $70
If you own a hollow axle crankset, the light and compact Hex Stand is ideal for garage storage or supporting your bike pre-race in the parking lot. It folds up super small and is height-adjustable to accommodate just about any bike.

The Upgrades

Muc-Off Pressure Washer

Muc-Off Pressure Washer $260
Designed specifically for bicycles and motorcycles, the pressure washer won’t damage bearings and frame surfaces. Use the various lances to adjust pressure for your cleaning needs, and even use the special snow foam lance to get a thick lather for a deep clean. It comes in a waterproof bag if you want to take it on the road.

Park Tool THT-1 Sliding T-Handle Torx Wrench set

Park Tool THT-1 Sliding T-Handle Torx Wrench set $110
The most common Torx sizes are all here, in steel, with a Speed Spinner that makes it easy to fasten long bolts quickly. The sliding T-handles adjust for the best leverage position, and it comes with a handy tool holder to mount it all to your wall.

Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand

Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand $124
Use the Pro Truing Stand on a tabletop or mount it to any of Feedback Sports’ wash-and-repair stands for the ultimate in portability and integration. The adapters accommodate all the common wheel sizes and hub types. There’s an integrated rotor truing slot too.

The Splurges

Enve Air Pressure Station

Enve Air Pressure Station $750
This one’s only for the most discerning PSI aficionados. The Pressure Station connects to your compressor and automatically inflates your tires to your indicated pressure within .5 percent psi or bar. You can set three pressure presets, or use the override feature to seat tubeless tires. Not sure what pressure to use? Just use your phone to scan the NFC tag on the side that directs you to Enve’s pressure charts.

Abbey Bike Tools Team Issue Tool Box

Abbey Bike Tools Team Issue Tool Box $1,350
Abbey did all the hard work for you, choosing the best tools and populating its rugged Pelican case with them. Each tool gets its own home in Kaizen foam so you always know where things belong. You even get a custom engraved name tag in Abbey Green to let the world know whose box is boss.


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