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A carbon beauty with just enough padding and fits like a tailored suit.

Pros: Super light, especially given its comfort level

Cons: Expensive

Our Thoughts

If price is no object and you want an anatomic saddle that feels exquisitely comfortable, the SLR Boost Endurance Superflow checks all the boxes. While other long-distance or comfort-focused saddles weigh twice as much as you’d like, this svelte performer is surprisingly lightweight.  

  • MSRP: $320
  • Weight: 209 grams
  • Size: 248 x 145mm

The SLR Boost Endurance Superflow is an endurance-focused version of the standard SLR Boost Superflow, featuring more width and padding. Don’t get it confused with a beach cruiser saddle, however, as it’s still a very svelte and lean performer at just over 200 grams.


It’s relatively short at 248mm, yet somehow felt like it afforded a good amount of fore-aft body movement – likely due to its inward curvature and narrow nose. The SLR Boost’s width registers at 145mm, though our measurements put this closer to 150mm. A narrower S3 option is available, at 130mm width.

Selle Italia calls its saddle padding Light Gel Plus, and positions it as a thicker, more robust padding for long-distance riding. In the flesh, however, it appears to be thin and minimal – suggesting that this might be a rough-riding racing perch. 

The ‘a-ha’ moment comes when you actually start pedaling on the SLR Boost; we found that it brilliantly executes its comfort goals. The rear section is expertly tailored for sit bone comfort, with a combination of side-to-side curvature and a subtle forward slope. The edges of the saddle are gently positioned to fall away from your sit bones – eliminating pressure and encouraging (but not forcing) forward hip rotation.

SLR Boost saddle

The padding, though it appears thin, felt like the perfect amount. The SLR Boost Endurance Superflow is a hidden gem among ergonomic saddles. One tester said, “ I often prefer soft-ish saddles and thought that the SLR would be too firm and uncomfortable, yet it managed to become one of my favorites – and the one that I most easily forgot about while riding.”

Selle Italia offers a ton of options, and perhaps that’s our only criticism – that gems like the SLR Boost Endurance Superflow may become lost in the shuffle. It punches well above its weight in terms of comfort, but that technology comes at a hefty dent to your wallet. We consider this our go-to saddle for weight-conscious consumers that want a wide cutout and maximum comfort, price-be-damned.