Sea Otter tech: Zipp launches aluminum aero bars

SRAM launches latest assault on tri and TT worlds, for budget-minded buyer, with Vuka Alumina aero bars

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MONTEREY, California (VN) – The Zipp Vuka Alumina bars are a competitive package with plenty of adjustment options to meet riders’ needs.

The system is built around the Vuka Alumina base bar, which will retail for $80. The bar is not your basic bull-horn, and for its price it’s one of the more attractive base bars we’ve come across. It’s modeled closely after the carbon VukaBull and features internal cable routing. The bar ends have a 5-degree rise to keep a more natural wrist angle while still maintaining a sleek race-worthy design.

From the base bar, riders have plenty of options to build up the cockpit according to personal preferences. The extensions can be mounted above or below the base bar with the Vuka Alumina clip. With an MSRP of $120, the Alumina Clip includes bar clamp to place the aero extensions above or below the base bar, plus armrests and pads. The clip can be purchased along with aluminum risers, each costing $25 per pair. They will be offered in 10, 25, and the massively high 50mm rise. Between the under-bar clamp and the 50mm rise, a user gets an impressive 70mm of vertical adjustment.

The final piece the Vuka Alumina package is the extensions. Two aluminum options are available, S-Bend and Ski-Tip, both with a price tag of $55. The S-Bend, the more aggressive of the two, has a 5-degree upward tilt at the shifter, similar to the base bar, to give the rider a more natural wrist position while still keeping the sleek profile. Riders can also choose from Zipp’s four carbon extension offerings instead of aluminum, as the whole system is interchangeable. There are carbon options from straight to the almost upright Ski-Tip design.

The varied fit options in the Vuka Alumina line separate it from many of its competitors, and with a price tag of only $255 (without any risers) it will give riders the ability to play with different aero geometries without spending a ton of cash. The whole Vuka Alumina package will be available in June.