Sea Otter Tech Gallery: A Few More Bits of Bling's Zack Vestal brings you a few last bits of choice tech from this year's Sea Otter Classic.

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In a perfect world, every tent, trailer, and exhibitor stand at Sea Otter would merit a story and photo gallery of its own. There’s almost no way to do justice to the effort put forth by our comrades in the sport of cycling. They bust their butts to create a great show, and happily Mother Nature accommodated their hard work.

Unfortunately, we’re always limited by time, memory card space, and commitments to our colleagues over at All the same, we’ve got a few last bits of choice tech from this year’s Sea Otter Classic. It’s only a scratch on the surface, but stay tuned as we circle back to discuss more of the new stuff, and also get parts and pieces on our bikes for comprehensive testing.