RPM2 insole power meter debuts in pro racing with Cylance

RPM2 is a company that makes insole-based power meters, and it is now sponsoring the Cylance women's pro team.

Another company is angling for a spot in the increasingly crowded power meter market, but RPM2 is unique in that it is housed in a shoe insole, and the Texas company hopes its sponsorship of the Cylance women’s team will give its product legs in the cycling world.

“Cylance Pro Cycling is very excited to work RPM2 in developing its innovative product,” said Omer Kem, owner and manager of the team. “Our athletes have access to a fantastic tool for improving as cyclists, and in turn RPM2 receives the feedback of professional cyclists they need to further their cutting edge footbeds.”

Initially, RPM2 was geared more toward triathletes and runners. For cycling, RPM2 says it measures four impact points per foot, recording actual power output for each foot, as well as overall power. Riders can compare limb strength and overall position. The data can be viewed with RPM2’s app, as well as Strava and Training Peaks. The power meters also play nice with Ant+ and Bluetooth.

RPM2 does not currently list a cycling-specific set of insoles on its site, but the Triathlete insoles are available for $675, including the RPM2 Cycling device. The team and RPM2 are also offering a promotion that allows fans to save $50 on a set of insoles if you use the code, “CYLANCE” at check-out.