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Wilier Triestina Filante SLR

The Filante SLR aero road bike features a design with less material around corners and edges for a lighter and faster bike.

Wilier Triestina has expanded its lineup of racing machines with the Filante SLR.

The Astana Pro Team — which helped with development — and Total Direct Énergie have both been using the Italian bike this season.

“From the first turn of the pedal, I felt comfortable with the new Filante, something that doesn’t often happen when you get on a new bike for the first time,” said Astana’s Jakob Fuglsang. “[The Filante offers] responsiveness and precision that I’ve never experienced before.”


While the all-new aero road bike is not as slim on the scales as the Wilier Cento and Zero series, it’s not exactly heavy, either. The Triestina Filante SLR frame comes in at 870g — just 90g more than the Zero — and the fork is just 360g. A new carbon layup features a polymer added to reduce road chatter and enhance ride quality. The stock Filante SLR with a lightweight component group should weigh in at just 6.8kg (14.99lbs).

Of course, full aero integration is to be expected of an aero race bike, and the cockpit was designed to not only improve aerodynamics but also to improve responsiveness and ride quality. Wilier spent time in a wind tunnel to engineer the Filante to have low drag at yaw angles between -20 and +20 degrees before it started to account for environmental factors which affect aerodynamic drag.

The result is smooth trailing edges and rounded corners that decrease turbulence. The results also yield a lighter bike, since less material is needed for frame construction.

Wilier also designed the front end of the Filante SLR to have a wider stance — the fork blades sit relatively further away from the front wheel compared to the Cento20Pro — to further optimize aerodynamics.

A horizontal — flat — stem is affixed to a round 1 1/4-in steerer tube which accommodates the internal routing for the front brake, and swings on a new bearing design just for this Wilier model. The cockpit height can be adjusted with easy-fit spacers, to allow internal cable routing that does not prohibit quick and easy spacer swaps.

For 2021, Wilier offers paint schemes in classic matte black, velvet red, and iridescent gray.

Wilier Triestina Filante SLR in black. Photo: Wilier Triestina
Wilier Triestina Filante SLR in red. Photo: Wilier Triestina
Wilier Triestina Filante SLR in gray. Photo: Wilier Triestina

Wilier designed the Filante SLR tubing to scale with sizes, and geometry, with the goal of achieving a similar road feel across the six offered sizes. There is no overlap in sizing, so know your X-Y fit coordinates to best determine the correct size frame.

The new bike is available in a variety of Campagnolo, SRAM, or Shimano component packages, and pricing varies by component group, starting at $9,740.

The Filante SLR is available only for electronic groups with disc brakes.