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Things to give and receive: Continental Grand Prix 5000S TR

I've ridden Conti clinchers and tubular tires for years, and with this latest update, the tire performance is even better.

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The Continental GP 5000S TR ($100) was used by Sonny Colbrelli to win the 2021 Paris-Roubaix. At the time, the tire was so new it was not included in the recent VeloNews tire rolling resistance test.

The tubeless version of one of the best-performing all-around tires updated the previous version of the tire — the GP 5000 TL — which to put it delicately, was challenging to mount onto most rims. Some wheel manufacturers went so far as to caution against using the older Conti 5000s. Not so, anymore.

The Continental GP5000S TR is a joy to ride. The Black Chili compound helps to make the tire feel supple and grippy, and it feels even smoother and cushier than running the standard GP 5000 with a latex tube.

Continental GP 5000S TR tires can accommodate hooked-bead and hookless bead rims. (Photo: Greg Kaplan )

Seriously, those of you who are still training and also racing on Gatorskins: You have got to switch to this tire.

The 28mm tires offer more road feel — a lively and responsive ride — than the tried and true Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tires, at the same or slightly lower pressure for the same volume (I use them with 64psi in the rear and 62psi in front).

The Continental GP 5000S TR tires are the grippiest and supplest version in the line of tires. (Photo: Greg Kaplan )

We tried mounting these tubeless tires onto wheels from Cadex, Bontrager, Hunt, and Zipp. None were exactly easy, but the process is much easier than with the previous tires, and using a bit of lubricant like soap bubbles always helps.

This latest version of the Continental Grand Prix 5000S can be used with hooked or hookless bead rims.

We were sent a few samples of the Continental GP 5000S TR, and will be publishing a full review of this tire in the near future.