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Technical FAQ: Mystery noises from water bottle bosses

More solutions to mystery noises.

More feedback on mystery noises.

Reading your tech column about ticking noises coming from the “bottom bracket” area brings back memories of solving mysterious noises on a customer’s titanium frame about 15 years ago.  This customer brought in his Sandvik-made Ti frame with the mysterious noise. He was sure it was the bottom bracket. That’s what we thought too.

Removal of the bottom bracket, grease-on-threads, nice tight reinstall and noise problem solved? At least in the parking lot it was. After a long ride, he was back. A Phil Wood bottom bracket replacing the Shimano UN-50 and problem solved – in the parking lot.  He was back.  After spending a lot of time trying different things, I tightened the riveted-in water bottle bosses and problem solved!
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