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Technical FAQ: Compact double or triple cranks?

Do you recommend compact cranks for climbing?

Dear Lennard,
I am a 6-foot tall, 200-pound rider. I have been riding for the past seven years at a competitive club level. I have huge power on the flats and time trialing, but hills are my weakness, thus I have been actively working on my climbing skills.

I have been playing with gear combinations, but still haven’t gotten it right. Currently I am riding a 53/39 – 12/27 with 172.5 cranks. I bought the 27 after having an average cadence of 50rpm going up a local climb. After attempting the same climb on a 27, my cadence improved to 60-65rpm. I am considering either an FSA compact or a triple. I have read you rgearing chart and articles on VeloNews and wanted to confirm tha tyour advice would be the compact.

Is this true?

Dear Cameron,
Yes, that’s true.