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Technical FAQ: Adjusting Mavic hubs

How do I adjust my Mavic rear hub?

My back wheel (a Mavic Classic SSC) seems to turn with more resistance than the front, considerably more. I tried adjusting the hub with the little wrench that Mavic provides but it did not seem to make much difference. I took the non-drive side lock nut off and turned the axle by hand and it felt tight to me. However I could not figure out how to get the axle out. Do I need to remove the cassette and then undo the lock nut on the drive side?

I read that the freehub slides off and can be oiled that way. Do you have knowledge of the service procedure for these hubs, (FTS-L I think) that you could share with me?

– Don

On a Classics SSC (not a Classics Pro), two 5mm Allen wrenches inserted into either end of the axle and turned counterclockwise will loosen, split, and remove the axle. The freehub body is removed with a slight twisting-pulling action. Watch out, because pawls and pawl springs can come flying out. Work in a clean area, or over a big box.

If the hub bearings are bad, they are easily tapped out and replaced. They are available from distributors like Quality Bicycle Products as well as from Mavic, so any shop that does not have them in stock can get them in a jiffy.

As I show in the book, you can try removing the dust covers and cleaning and greasing the bearings first. My front Ksyrium wheel recently would hardly turn, and, after I stuck in a couple of new bearings, it is good as new.

Additional tech information can be found on the Mavic Web site,

– Lennard