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Selle Italia Novus Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow saddle

Selle Italia's entry into the snub nose saddle category has a subtle curve that provides a planted feel and a wide channel for soft tissue comfort.




Selle Italia

Selle Italia’s Novus Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow saddle (from here on known as NBKCS for brevity) fits into the snub nose saddle category because its overall length is much shorter than a more traditional saddle. At just 255mm long, this smaller platform helps eliminate excess material that would otherwise cause pressure on your undercarriage.

In that sense, it’s no different from any other short saddle out there. But the NBKCS has a unique shape that sets it apart. If you’re after a saddle that encourages stability while leaving your undercarriage out of the conversation, the NBKCS is hard to beat.

Selle Italia
Photo: Dan Cavallari |

For starters, the channel that runs down the center of the saddle extends all the way through the tip. That means there’s no pressure on your sensitive tissues even when you scoot forward on the saddle. And it’s a fairly wide channel, so really there’s very little potential for pressure in the wrong places. This does not come at the expense of support, nor does it mean there are any noticeable ‘edges’ that dig in where the top of the saddle drops off into the channel.

But we found a tradeoff there: While the edges didn’t dig into the undercarriage, those edges did end up collapsing slightly over time. This was noticeable because of wrinkles that developed in the saddle’s outer covering. So while the NBKCS is supremely comfortable, the wrinkling did indicate the padding might not hold up as long as we’d expect from a saddle at this price point. That said, we’ve been riding it on and off for about a year and it’s still supremely comfortable.

Photo: Dan Cavallari |

The profile is designed to keep your body planted. While you can shift your weight around the saddle easily, since it’s got a curved shape, you’ll likely find yourself doing that less than you would on your longer saddle. Some snub nose saddles tend to have a flat profile to allow such movement, but the NBKCS has sort of an S-bend to it, albeit subtle, that prevents excess movement. That helps your hips sit back, distributing your weight evenly over the saddle. By positioning your sit bones back, your hips should end up stabilized so your body can focus on power production. To accommodate this, we scooted the saddle forward on the seat rails a bit.

Of course, shifting forward on the saddle is all but inevitable at some point in the ride. That’s where the Superflow opening that extends through the tip of the saddle comes in handy. You’ll still benefit from the lack of material pressing on your perineal area, even when you’re in the most aggressive riding position.

Whether the NBKCS works out for you largely boils down to its subtle S-shape compared to other snub nose saddles with a flatter profile. We found it to be exceptionally comfortable, and it encouraged a more stable, planted feel. But if you prefer a bit more ability to float around on your saddle, you might be happier with a flatter profile. Selle Italia has certainly left its mark on the snub nose category with the NBKCS, and we would recommend this saddle without hesitation for racers and recreational riders alike.

Photo: Dan Cavallari |