Road Gear

Reviewed: Sidi Wire shoes

If you’re the type of rider who needs to tinker with fit, Sidi’s Wire shoes are a great — but expensive — option.

“Ample adjustments with typical Italian style.”

Rating: 8/10
Weight: 600 grams (size 42)
Price: $500

Out of the box, these glossy white and red slippers are immediately impressive, but it took a few rides before we loved Sidi’s top of the line road shoe.

At first, the tongue cut into the top of the foot. Fortunately, Sidi offers easy guide lines to cut the fringe of the tongue, which immediately improved comfort. Plus, the narrow shoes seemed to break in after a few rides and from then on, our feet were happy.

It also took a little time for us to warm up to Sidi’s Tecno 3 Push buckles, which are more complicated than they need to be. The small push-button, which releases the reel, is located in the center of the buckle but isn’t always easy to find quickly. Generally, we find Boa dials to be a bit more intuitive and sleek: Simply pull up on the dial to release, no searching necessary. That said, it was nice to have two dials to fine-tune fit.

Certainly Sidi goes out of its way to offer options to adjust the way these shoes fit. The heel cups can be tuned with a small screw, which had us skeptical at first, but proved to be a great way to ensure a snug wraparound feel at the heel. The adjustable soft instep strap is a boon to anyone with abnormally high- or low-volume feet, allowing you to cinch up the main lacing while keeping the strap pad centered.

As expected, the Vent carbon sole was admirably stiff, although the adjustable air intake vent at the toe didn’t make a marked difference in feet cooling, whether open or shut.

If you’re the type of rider who needs to tinker with fit, Sidi’s Wire shoes are a great — albeit expensive — option. Specialized’s excellent S-Works 6 shoes are $100 less and weigh a scant 450 grams, but surely that won’t sway a staunch Sidi devotee. The great news is that the Wires, with its svelte Italian styling and smart adjustments, are one of many great footwear options on the market.