Road Gear

Reviewed: Catlike Whisper helmet

The Catlike Whisper helmet looks great (or at least interesting) and has 39 airy vents.

Price: $189
Weight: 300 grams (size M)

We like the Whisper’s looks. We love its 39 vents and exceptional fit, the latter due to tons of adjustability in the harness.

That distinctive look does more than just make you stand out on the group ride. The vents are positioned for plenty of air flow through the helmet, keeping you cool on hot rides despite the thorough coverage over the rider’s head. Catlike says the unique beehive-esque design also dissipates impact forces more efficiently, too. Luckily we haven’t tested that theory.

At 300 grams it’s no featherweight, but it does extend low over the back of the head for extended coverage. We like that the added coverage doesn’t interfere with sunglasses, either.