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Reviewed: Catlike Mixino helmet

Catlike's distinctive helmets are now available in the U.S., and the Mixino is a light, well-ventilated option with a fresh look

With a striking aesthetic that looks a bit like a wasp’s nest, Catlike helmets have always stood out in the pro peloton. For years, they were seen atop the heads of the best Basque riders in the orange colors of Euskatel-Euskadi, but until recently, the Spanish company’s helmets weren’t available stateside.

Now that Catlike’s helmets are becoming more available in the U.S., we got ahold of its top-of-the-line Mixino to see what we’ve been missing.

It’s immediately clear why the fleetest Spanish climbers of then – and now, with the Movistar team – favor these helmets. The Mixino’s ventilation is tremendous and easily perceived as soon as we rolled away from the house.

At 240 grams in the medium size, the Mixino is quite light, although not best-in-class. The Specialized S-Works Prevail is about 10 grams lighter.

The Mixino has a round fit that sits high on the head, but still feels very comfortable and secure. It’s not prone to slip side to the side or end up crooked on your head. The rear retention system’s contact points are adjustable, but that feature seems superfluous. We fiddled with it a few times and couldn’t perceive a difference in security or comfort.

The helmet also has some small pads fitted to the retention straps along the side of the head. Although not immediately noticeable, they may play a role in keeping the helmet firmly in place.

At $300, the Mixino’s lightweight and ample ventilation doesn’t come cheap. The S-Works Prevail is $75 cheaper, and has equally good venting to boot.

However, if you’re seeking a helmet with a unique look, Catlike’s Mixino is a fun option, and with 15 color options, you’ll probably be able to find something to match your kit too.

Price: $300
We like: Airy ventilation, lightweight, comfortable fit, looks that stand out in a crowd.
We don’t like: Retention system could be simplified, price, that wasp’s nest look isn’t for everyone.
The bottom line: A unique helmet that delivers comfort on hot summer days but comes at a price.