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Pro riders wary of disc brakes according to new survey

According to preliminary results from a survey conducted by the riders association, 40 percent of pros don't want disc brakes in the peloton.

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Forty percent of pro cyclists do not want the UCI to restart a disc brake test in the pro peloton in 2017, according to preliminary results of a survey conducted by the Cycliste Professionnels Associés (CPA), the international riders group.

As of Thursday, 546 professional cyclists have responded to the survey, according to an email from the Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists (ANAPRC), which was sent to association members.

The survey notes that the CPA has asked the UCI to make three concessions to safety prior to commencing the second disc brake trial: Disc rotors should have rounded edges; the brakes should be covered by a guard, and all riders should be on disc brakes.

Of the respondents, 15.71 percent said they agree with the trial restart, regardless of whether the three conditions are met; 43.98 percent said they do not agree with a restart unless all conditions are met, and 40.31 percent said they didn’t agree with the UCI’s second trial period under any circumstances. In other words, more than a third of pro riders who took the survey simply don’t want discs in the peloton.

The UCI’s first trial of disc brakes came to an ignominious end when Movistar’s Fran Ventoso crashed at Paris-Roubaix and claimed that a fellow rider’s disc rotor was to blame for the gruesome gash on his leg. His account of the crash was never completely verified or confirmed.

VeloNews has contacted ANAPRC and CPA for comment on the survey results but did not receive immediate replies from either organization.