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Technical Q&A: Tall handlebar stems

Can you recommend a tall stem for a tall rider?

Originally published: April, 2002

Question: Here’s a question from one tall rider to another: I am wondering if you can recommend a tall stem for a road bike, one with the long quill (+200mm) and long extension (+12cm).

I am 6’9″, rebuilding a big old frame, and trying to get the bars up as high and out as far as possible. Having a hell of a time making this thing fit.

Someday when I have more cash I’ll have to order a Zinn Project Big frame! The biggest I’ve been able to find so far is the Nitto Technomic, (non-deluxe) 25.4 clamp 225 mm quill at Rivendell.



Sad to say, that’s about the biggest one I know of, now that Salsa doesn’t make custom stems anymore. Anyone else have any suggestions?– Lennard