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Cadex looks forward to the cobbles with Classics tires

The Classics Tire from Cadex takes on endurance riding with puncture resistance, a supple casing, and a grippy compound for cobble season.

It’s hard to believe it, but once the Tour de France is over, we can look forward to the spring classics — in October. To prepare for these late-season races, Cadex has developed a new tire, appropriately dubbed the Classics Tire, to counter the ever-changing road conditions its pro riders will encounter throughout Belgium and France.


The Classics tire is dubbed an all-conditions tire, and it’s tubeless, intended to mate with Cadex’s line of carbon tubeless wheels. Team CCC has helped with tire testing and will very likely ride the Classics tires in the upcoming October races.

Cadex says the Classics tires will be available in 25mm, 28mm, and 32mm sizes; the 28mm tire is available now, while the 25 and 32mm tires will be available later in the fall. The Classics tires will cost $100 each regardless of size.

Cadex Classics Tire

Cadex’s Classics rubber recipe

The Classics tire is the second race tire the company has released since the brand launched at the 2019 Tour de France. This offering is tailored for endurance riding,  and starts with an ultra-grippy compound that features, according to Cadex,  “state-of-the-art silica-based RR-S AR tire compound, which allows for a fast-rolling tire while still providing maximum grip while cornering—especially at speed and wet conditions.” Sounds very cobble-esque.

On top of that, the Classics tires feature puncture protection in the form of Cadex’s Race Shield+, “an exclusive ultra-lightweight and cut-resistant Kevlar material placed strategically over the casing.”

Lest you get the impression that all of that grip and protection comes at the cost of comfort and ride feel, fear not, for Cadex has thought of that, too! Cadex lends its proprietary single-layer Supple Race Casing, which Cadex says will mimic the ride feel of a tubular.

The tires are best mated with Cadex’s hookless rims to take full advantage of the wheel system concept — which you can hear all about on this episode of the VeloNews Tech Podcast with Cadex’s Jeff Schneider.

Cadex Classics Tire