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Industry Nine Enduro S 29 Wheels

If you want rugged set of hoops and some cash left over for other upgrades, here's your next wheelset.


870 grams (f); 1,000 grams (r)




Industry Nine

Spoke count: 28 (front and rear)
Rim Type: Tubeless-ready clincher
Rim Width: 30.5mm internal; 34mm external
Rotational Inertia: 5.94 (f); 6.02 (r)
Deflection: 4.03mm (f); 4.46mm (r)

If you want rugged set of hoops and some cash left over for other upgrades, here’s your next wheelset. Weight weenies need not apply; these babies tip the scales at almost 2,000 grams. But if you’re a burly rider who values bombproof and budget over light weight and carbon fiber, look no further.

Sure, you’ll need to work a bit to push them uphill, but you live for the downhill anyway. And you’re brutal on wheels, the kind of rider who goes through a set of hoops every season. Luckily for you, Industry Nine makes a bombproof hub that should get you through several seasons, and the Enduro S rims are rugged, wide aluminum for as much strength as can be crammed into a beefy set of mountain bike wheels.

They posted decent stiffness numbers at the lab, which helps explain the sharp tracking in fast corners. Run up to a 2.8-inch tire, or as small as a 2.3-inch tire. We like the quick hub engagement — thanks to a 120-point drive ring and three-degree, six-pawl system — and durable rims that take a beating.

Industry Nine says the max rider weight is 230 pounds, so pound away on these wheels with confidence. All that at $845 makes for an excellent deal.