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Abus YADD-I helmet

Commuters who are looking for a well-ventilated, stylish helmet will like the Abus YADD-I, especially with nine color options to choose from.





Many avid cyclists are also bike commuters. We all wear different hats from time to time, so it makes sense that we’d wear different helmets as well. Instead of a high-end race helmet, the Abus YADD-I is a nice option for pedaling to the office, happy hour, or the farmer’s market.

The YADD-I is not as airy as a high-end helmet, obviously, but its five vents are fairly effective. They channel air across the top of the head using Abus’s Forced Air Cooling Technology. Best of all, it won’t give you that weird, lumpy helmet-hair.

An elastic retention system stretches to fit different head sizes. It provides a snug but comfortable fit. However, if you prefer to adjust your helmet on the fly, the Soft Tune System might not be the best option.

Those who commute at dawn or dusk will appreciate the fabric brim that’s integrated into the YADD-I. This bill can flip up or down to block the blinding sunshine.

Finally, if you’re picky about your bike path style, Abus offers nine color options to choose from.

The YADD-I is a stylish, straightforward around-town helmet, which is why we find ourselves wearing it on a daily basis.

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