Silca Apron Premio

The details Silca has wisely incorporated into its Apron Premio are smart and sensible.





It’s tough to get too excited about an apron, especially one that looks like any other piece of shop garb at first glance. But the details Silca has wisely incorporated into its Apron Premio immediately lift it from the riff raff. And you’ll own this shop necessity forever.

That’s because it’s a heavy-duty garment made from 12-ounce Waxed Duck Canvas and a ripstop Nylon liner. It’s likely to stand up to years of shop rigors, though keep in mind it’s also heavy, and not really breathable. If your shop doesn’t have air conditioning, it could make for some sweaty work in the summer. Of course, if you spend a lot of time hosing off dirty bikes, you’ll probably appreciate the extra layers.

Shop mechanics test-ride countless bikes every day after a repair, so Silca made it easier to pedal without removing the apron by incorporating a slit up the front. It also has a hoodie-style pocket up front, great for stowing an Allen key for quick adjustments when you’re getting a customer ready for a test ride.

Best of all, it has tool stowage options galore. If you’re a home garage mechanic it’s probably overkill, but if you’re working the pits on raceday, you’ll have no problem stowing all the most commonly used tools on your person for quick access. The cargo pocket is particularly nice for stowing small tools like a tape measure or valve core remover.

That heavy-duty construction and handy layout comes at a high cost when compared to its competitors, though. It’s three times as expensive as Park Tool’s Heavy Duty Shop Apron, in fact. If you’re content with your current stripped-down apron, Silca’s offering is probably overkill. But if you’re on your feet often and doing repairs on the fly without the benefit of a workbench or toolbox nearby, this is a neat piece of mechanic’s kit.