Rapha Pro Team Shoes released

The Rapha Pro Team Shoes are the brand's first cycling shoe created specifically for racing.

Rapha announced the availability of their Pro Team cycling shoes. With input from Team EF Pro Cycling, these road cycling shoes have been race tested for more than two years, in excess of 20,000km, and in all climates and conditions.

Lachlan Morton said: “I’ve put about 12 days on them now, maybe 1,000km or so. I generally hate new shoes for a month but loved these straight out of the box. Having put so few kilometers on them, I’d normally never race in them but they were an instant favorite.”

Shoe size and width are in line with Rapha’s 2019 Explore and Classic shoes, and offer the same secure heel, snug mid-foot with adjustable arch support, and roomy toe box from the earlier shoes.

Rapha Pro Team cycling shoes in black
Photo: Courtesy Rapha

The upper of these new pro-level shoe was created using a proprietary textile called Powerweave. The woven fabric features strength, durability, and flexibility, while stretching less than materials such as microfiber or knit, which should aid in power transfer. Powerweave also facilitates lower moisture retention to keep feet cool when racing in warm weather, as well as a hydrophobic treatment for weather resistance on cold, wet days. The BOA dials allow the wearer to adjust fit on the fly.

Rapha Pro Team shoes sole
Photo: Courtesy Rapha

The sole of the Rapha Pro Team Shoe features a trapezoidal cross-section and has been designed to be incredibly stiff from toe to heel for maximum power transfer.

The external heel cup should enhance heel retention and minimize heel lift. Rapha designers put the heel cup on the outside of the shoe to allow a sculpted fit with less weight.

Other notable features of this new Rapha shoe also include three-point-compatible titanium cleat nuts, replaceable and non-slippery TPU heel tread, a footbed with customizable arch height (Neutral, Medium and High) and soft antimicrobial microfiber top.

Rapha Pro Team shoes heel
Photo: Courtesy Rapha

The Rapha Pro Team Shoes are available in black, light grey, and purple/blue colorways, and retail for $355.