Quick look: Leopard-Trek’s 2011 team helmets from Bontrager

Nick Legan, at the team camp in Mallorca, takes a quick look at the new team's Bontrager helmets.

VeloNews tech editor Nick Legan is in Mallorca this week at the Team Leopard-Trek training camp. He’ll be reporting in on the team’s new gear and other news as the week progresses. His first offering is a quick look at the team’s new helmets.

The Bontrager Oracle is claimed to have “18 percent” better airflow than competitors, thanks to its single large vent in the front.

The helmet also is Bontrager’s entry into the developing “aero road helmet” market, along with the Specialized Prevail that we looked at last year. The company says wind tunnel testing shows it more aerodynamic than its competitors, especially at yaw angles.

The lid has an in-molded carbon fiber skeleton and will be available in early summer for about $200.