Quick Look: Feedback Sports Sprint repair stand

New fork-mount repair stand offers light weight, convenience and affordability

Golden, Colorado-based Feedback Sports has a new repair stand set to hit the market in June. Called the Sprint, it is modeled after European, fork-mounted repair stands favored by many mechanics in the pro ranks. The new sub-13-pound stand will retail for approximately $270, including a carrying bag.

The red-anodized creation’s build quality is exceptionally good, using all metal hardware. The fork mount is compatible with standard 9x100mm quick releases as well as 9×130/135mm, 12×135/142mm and 15x100mm axles. A further adapter will also be available for use with 20x100mm axles.

The entire crossbeam of the stand slides on top of the tripod base to keep weight centered over the legs, seemingly solving an issue that limits other fork-mounted repair stands. The custom aluminum crossbeam extrusion also allows the fork mount to slide in relation to the bottom bracket cradle. The rubberized bottom bracket cradle extends beyond the back of the crossbeam, allowing the rear tire to run in between the two sides and keeping the bike from falling to the side of the stand. In a nod to long service life, the rubberized bottom bracket cradles are replaceable.

Like other stands of this design, the Sprint is ideal for work on road bikes and because it spins, is especially handy for bike washing. The folded size is very compact and the low weight means that bringing it to races is easy. Unfolding the stand takes a little practice, but the key is to open the legs first, then flip the crossbeam up.

All in all, the new Feedback Sports Sprint stand looks like it will outlast some of the plastic pieces on the Tacx Spider stand while also being lighter. It also offers more adjustability than Park Tool’s Super Lite Team Race Stand at a comparable weight (12.6 vs. 13.5 lbs) and price.