Product Recall: Rapha recalls chamois cream

Rapha North America has issued a recall notice on 200 cans of its chamois cream.

Rapha North America has issued a recall notice on 200 cans of its chamois cream. In a release issued Friday, the company explained that the chamois cream containers, which have a baby blue label, had been improperly filled with its own Winter Embrocation mixture.

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! Check the contents before applying.

“Our chamois cream and embrocation containers are exactly the same, except for the label,” Rapha marketing man Slate Olson explained. “It was an honest mistake; someone just put the wrong jars in the machine.”

Only containers with a blue label were affected. “We were extremely lucky that this occurred with the first batch of blue label jars,” Olson continued.

Rapha began receiving complaints from customers describing a fiery saddle sensation earlier this month, prompting the company to shut off production of their chamois cream line until the problem could be isolated.

“As soon as we realized the error, we switched back to a white label so customers can easily tell which jars will create the fiery saddle sensations, and which ones won’t,” said Olson.

Even Rapha’s newly-signed cyclocross star Jeremy Powers was affected, as his first batch of Rapha-Focus sponsorship gear included a number of the blue-labeled, red-hot chamois cream containers.

“I kind of liked it, to be honest,” Powers said via text message on Thursday. “On the one hand, it burned like hell, but on the other hand it made me ride like hell. All I could think of was getting home and into the shower – it made the leg pain just disappear. I think this stuff could be the mental advantage I need to put the boots to everyone next fall.”