Pro Bike Gallery: Peter Sagan’s custom Specialized S-Works Venge

Velonews got a look at Peter Sagan's new custom Specialized S-Works Venge before the first stage of the Tour de France.

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Last year, Peter Sagan sported a gold paint job on his race bikes. This year his bike rocks a sparkly teal finish. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
It’s not just his S-Works Venge ViAS that will sport the new color scheme. Specialized and Sagan launched the Peter Sagan Collection the day before the 2018 Tour de France began. The collection includes the same finish on all of Sagan’s race bikes — Venge, Tarmac, and Roubaix —, as well as the Specialized Allez. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
It’s certainly a flashy finish. The frame sparkles in the sunlight. The color was inspired by the water in Monaco. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Sagan uses an integrated stem on his Venge, but he’ll still use his favorite Zipp stem (with the logos blacked out, of course) on his Tarmac. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
All of the Venge’s hoses can be routed through the stem for a clean aesthetic. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Dep profile Roval CL64 wheels are outfitted with CeramicSpeed bearings. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Sagan’s cockpit is set up with a mount for a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt computer and the same bar tape he has been using for several years now. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Small touches throughout the bike accentuate Sagan’s brand and accomplishments. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
As though there was any question whose bike this is… Photo: Dan Cavallari |
“If I don’t have yellow, I have green. If I don’t have green, I have rainbow.” Sagan’s layers of success are unquestionable. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Like other Bora-Hansgrohe riders, Sagan will be riding disc brakes at the 2018 Tour de France. When we asked Specialized representatives why Sagan hadn’t embraced disc brakes earlier, we were told that Sagan indeed likes disc brakes, but was waiting for all of his race bikes to be outfitted with discs so he wasn’t switching back and forth. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
There’s plenty of tire clearance on the new Venge. Expect riders to roll mostly with tires that measure 25mm, but 28mm tires are not out of the question. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
No shock here: Sagan’s rolling S-Works Turbo tubular tires. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
The champ’s gearing. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
The Venge’s seatpost is quite large, so it’s not trying to compete with compliance-focused aero bikes. Sagan told VeloNews, “Comfort is the last thing. You can be in the comfort position if you’re racing on the bicycle, but the stiffness, the handling, and the weight of the bicycle, those are three more important things, I think, that the racer needs. If you compare to a sports car, it is not for comfort.” Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Look quickly and you could mistake the Venge for the Tarmac. Specialized slimmed down the tubes to save weight, yet maintained aerodynamic performance. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Specialized says the new Venge is faster than the old one, though the company didn’t give specific numbers. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Specialized has taken yet another step to ensure all components on the bike come straight from the company. Specialized’s new power meter sits just below the crank arm here. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Sagan pulls off a pretty unique hairstyle at his pre-Tour press conference. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Sagan is also wearing a limited edition pair of 100% sunglasses with a mirrored finish on the lenses and frame. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Hmm…wonder what happened those years. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
A few examples of the Sagan Collection paint job on some frames and shoes. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
They should have called this color Sparklepony. Photo: Dan Cavallari |