PowerTap drops power-meter hub price by $510

Hub-based power meter manufacturer CycleOps has reduced the pricing on its G3 hubs

CycleOps has dropped the price of its popular PowerTap G3 power meter hubs down to $789, from $1,299, effective immediately. Its Joule and Joule GPS computers see a decrease in retail price as well, down to $99 and $219 from $169 and $269, respectively.

The 40-percent drop in the price of the G3 hub puts the PowerTap system into the same ballpark as the least expensive power meters on the market — notably the new Stages Power meter, which has a base price of only $699.

“More and more cyclists are in the market for a power meter, but all too frequently price is a barrier to purchase. We’re happy to say that with our new pricing structure — owing to our dedicated focus on PowerTap — we’re able to lower this barrier,” said Jesse Bartholomew, PowerTap and CycleOps category manager, in a press release.

PowerTap’s hub-based power measurement system had long offered the lowest price points on the market, significantly cheaper than popular crank-based systems like SRM and Quarq. But with the rise of Stages, as well as the announcement this week that Garmin’s long-awaited Vector power meter pedal would hit shops within the next two months, parent company Saris realized it had to re-up its dedication to the lower price point.

“Seven weeks ago, PowerTap made a commitment to ramp up its efforts and dedicate additional resources to the brand, and today PowerTap is excited to announce that it is already seeing gains from these efforts, and is passing them along to the customer,” read a press release from PowerTap.

The G3 hub will still be available in a complete wheel as well, with prices for aluminum rims starting at $899 and carbon rims (Reynolds 46mm) at $2199.

Keep an eye on for a full review of the Stages Power meter and Garmin’s new Vector pedal-based meter.