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Tech FAQ: SRAM Cogs & Shimano Chains

A reader asks Lennard Zinn about running Shimano chains on SRAM cassettes.

Dear Lennard,
TechWidgetAfter a bad run with several SRAM 9-speed chains a couple years ago I switched over to Shimano. I have run 9-speed Dura Ace/XTR chains with both SRAM and Shimano 9-speed cassettes and have been very happy with the performance and durability regardless of the cassette manufacturer.

I am looking to setup a 1×10 drivetrain on my mountain bike and am wondering about continuing to mix-match SRAM and Shimano cassettes with Shimano chains. Specifically, using SRAM 10-speed mountain bike cassettes with the new Shimano Dyna-Sys chains. Are there any compatibility issues with that combo?

Dear Ken,
No, it will work fine. I use my Dura-Ace 7900 directional chain (same as XTR 10-speed chain) with SRAM cogsets frequently, and they shift fine. The PowerDome one-piece machined cogsets are a bit louder, but they work fine.

Dear Lennard,
In regards to the reader searching for an inexpensive crown race removal tool, I’ve been
using this from Nashbar for a long time. All you need is two wrenches. It sometimes takes a tap with a hammer, but nothing like whacking away with a screwdriver.

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