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Tech FAQ: Can I use a Shimano six-bolt XTR rotor with a Lefty hub?

LZ takes on XTR compatibility

Dear Lennard,

I see that Shimano now offers a six-bolt XTR rotor. I think that the Shimano design looks insanely cool, which is why I’d like to run them on my bike. I don’t really care about weight or anything, I just think they look badass. I have X0 brakes.

Anyway, that’s not the issue.

1) I have an XTR centerlock rear hub. The XTR centerlock rotor works great with the X0s.

2) I have a Lefty. The Lefty hub is six-bolt. The clearance is very tight. Will the six-bolt XTR rotor fit in there, or is it too thick? Obviously, the rotor is far too expensive to order and then find out that it won’t work.

Please help me, Lennard!! I’ve been riding since 1977, when I lived in Fairfax (Marin County). I may be getting old & slow, but after all these years, I still like having a head-turning ride!!
— Randy

Dear Randy,
Yes, the six-bolt XTR rotor will fit fine on a traditional Cannondale Lefty hub.

Shimano also makes Lefty front wheels that take center-lock rotors.
― Lennard