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Tech FAQ: Before Buying 650B

A reader asks tech guru Lennard Zinn if a 650B bike doesn't work out, can 26-inch wheels work on the rig instead?

Dear Lennard ,

I just read your column about the 650B bikes: Tech FAQ: 650B or not to be?

In that column you say that is probably okay to mount 650B wheels in a regular 26-inch, checking obviously that the fork works. Well, what about the other way around? What can I lose?

I´m going to explain myself better: I’m looking forward to buying a 650B bike. But my question is if it doesn’t work for me with those wheels, can I put a regular 26-inch wheels to that bike? What can happen?

I don’t want to buy a good 650B bike to take it for a couple of rides and realize that is not for me and sell it losing a lot of my invested money as happened with my 29-inch bike. I´m 5-foot 7 and those big wheels are definitely not for me, but I love some sensations that the 29er gave me and I also like to try new things. That’s why I think the 650B is for me.


Dear Pablo,

The brakes (assuming the same disc rotors) and the suspension travel will not be a problem when making the switch from 650B wheels to 26-inch ones. However, your bottom bracket height will drop by around a centimeter (0.5 inch). This could give you pedal clearance problems where you could end up clonking your pedals a lot on technical climbs. You should check that you have abundant pedal clearance before buying that 650B bike. Or use the biggest tires you can find on the 26-inch wheels.


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