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Reviewed: Ergon GE1 grips, a new take on ergonomics

Logan VonBokel tests Ergon's versatile and comfortable all-mount grips and finds they are a nice break from the norm

Designed as a downhill or trail (or enduro, if you’re into the latest buzzwords) grip, the GE1 lacks the large shape you might be more accustomed to seeing on grips carrying the Ergon logo. It’s slimmer, and therefore easier to hold on to when the going gets nasty.

Before I first rode the GE1, I was a big proponent of Ergon’s more ergonomic GS1 racing grips, though I never cared for their aesthetics. After a couple of rides with the GE1, however, I knew I’d found my new grip, despite it being designed for the gravity crowd.

Despite what it may look like, the GE1 is not your typical round grip. The grips are designed to sit at a particular orientation, resulting in a ridge that runs across the underside of the grip. This ridge gives your fingers more control than with other grips I’ve tried. Vibration dampening is also top notch, and not something I’m typically impressed with on other grips. The GE1 has a cutout in the shell where your palm rests, so the rubber is floating on a bit of air.

At $36 the GE1 isn’t a steal — it’s actually quite expensive compared to most grips, which tend to hover around the $20 price point. But when it comes to buying components, always invest in your contact points; while they may not be sexy, poor choices can ruin your ride.

After about 300 miles, a couple of hard falls, and several washes, the GE1s show no signs of deteriorating. The single bolt clamp holds firm, never once allowing the grips to rotate, despite countless “oh sh—” situations where my hands were strangling the GE1s, more so than holding on.

Suggested retail price: $36
We like: Shape makes for easy gripping; absorbs vibration well; durable
We don’t like: Expensive; the not-quite-round shape takes some time to adjust to get just right
The scoop: Better grip than the average cylindrical offerings for those who deal with hand pain