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New Gear: SRAM 2×10 SRM MTB PowerMeter

SRM has developed a power meter to function with the widely used SRAM 2×10 drive train systems.

SRAM 2×10 SRM MTB PowerMeter
Price: $2,399 power meter Only, $3,299 SRM complete system
Availability: Accepting orders now with July 1st shipping date.
Crankset: SRAM GXP X.O Carbon (Non-BB30 Compatible)
Bottom Bracket: SRAM GXP (not included)
Chainrings: Truvativ 2×10 39/26t or 42/28t 120/80 BCD.
Weight: 703 Grams (PowerMeter, 39/26 Chainrings, Chainring bolts, Crankarms)
Accuracy: +/- 1.5% *Displayed power reading
Battery Life: 700 Ride Hours

You may not know Schoberer Rad Messtechnik, but if you’re a complete cycling fiend you know SRM, the power-meter pioneers.

And if you’re a complete mountain bike racing fiend, you’ll be thrilled to learn that SRM Training Systems is finally trotting out its retail release of a SRAM 2×10 SRM MTB PowerMeter.

SRM has developed a power meter to function with the widely used SRAM 2×10 drive train systems. The 2×10 PowerMeter will allow for a more detailed analysis of racing and training, providing objective metrics to analyze and train for cross-country, short-track XC, super-D,and endurance events.

With many XC and enduro courses remaining the same from year to year, having a power meter equipped bike allows the racer to record the specific demands needed to race a particular event. Knowing how many accelerations, length and duration of climbs as well as average power for a certain event can completely reshape the parameters of the typical training program.

The SRAM 2×10 SRM MTB PowerMeter has been tested for weatherproofing and durability both on the trail and race course. Power and cadence data is transmitted via ANT+Sport protocol and received with either SRM PowerControl 7 head unit or other ANT+Sport compatible devices. The SRAM 2×10 SRM MTB PowerMeter has 700 hours of battery life and has an accuracy rating of +/- 1.5%*.

If you’ve got deep pockets or fat sponsors, the new units will start shipping July 1 with a price of $2,399 for the power meter only or $3,299 SRM Training System Complete. The company is accepting orders now with a July 1 shipping date.