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New Gear: NiteRider Lights

NiteRider's new rechargeable light line has more than doubled the light output over previous year's product offerings.

NiteRider 2012

NiteRider’s new rechargeable light line has more than doubled the light output over previous year’s product offerings.

The company’s top-of-the-line, race-ready light line is the Pro Series. In 2011, the flagship light for hardcore riders and racers was the Pro 1400 LED. This year, the light will now pump out 3000 lumens. The Pro 700 LED is replaced by the Pro 1500 LED. Standard units still incorporate NiteRider’s D.I.Y. software allowing the rider maximum programmability.

“Not only are we doubling lumens, we are keeping the costs affordable for our cycling customers,” said Mike Ely, vice president of sales and marketing for NiteRider.

A lumen is the measurement of light output perceived by the human eye.

“Three years ago, our cost per lumen was approximately one dollar,” Ely said. “Today, our cost per lumen hovers around 30 cents. All this translates to more value …”

The popular USB rechargeable commuter light, the MiNewt Mini.150 now becomes the MiNewt Mini.300, doubling the output and remaining the bargain price of $99.99. The top end of the MiNewt Series is the MiNewt Pro 750 with a $249.99 MSRP. The all-in-one modular MiNewt Cordless are now available in 350 and 600 lumen models.

NiteRider’s entry-level lights start with the fun Lightning Bug and Stinger Series. New this year is the Mako Series, replacing the UltraFazers. These battery operated, easily mounted units offer up to 130 lumens and range from an affordable $24.99 to $49.99.

The 2012 product line will be online and in stores early July.